Monday, June 1, 2009

The Decades of Style Show is A HIT!

No one could have guessed that our collective efforts would turn into such a spectacular show. Both KTVQ-2 and KULR-8 were there to video us in action as hundreds of people showed up to see us. The energy at the venue was high and everyone had a good time. In fact, our audience enthusiastically gave us 2-thumbs up. Wish we had photos to show you but each of us were busy doing-and-being the show.

We may have some video to post here later so check back in a couple of weeks. In the meantime here's a link to the KTVQ-2 clip:

Stars to watch:
* Jason and Olivia caught the 20's feel down the catwalk and Amber looked extra swanky. BUT, don't step in front of Steve if he's holding a tommy gun, even a toy one, because he might mean business!

* Dan & Ali sizzled as they danced to, "You're the One That I Want", by Oliva Newton-John and John Travolta. And, together with the Diversity Studio dancers choreographed by Lisa Oppegard, the whole scene was truly..well..electrifying!

* In ACDC style, Jake turned the audience into a mob of clapping, waving, concert groupies. And, that was before he ripped his t-shirt off!!

* Shayne taunted the audience with red spray paint before she turned it loose as graffiti. And, who couldn't love the whole group getting in to their groove thing with Lady Gaga's, "Just Dance".

* Ryan too, had the crowd in the palm of his hands, to Savage Garden's "To the Moon & Back", or was that because of his sexy slink-and-slither dance moves?! Of course, flirty dancing with Chyna and Mandy certainly turned the thermostat up too.

* And, our finale saw everyone on stage and catwalk, flowing and feelin' the love to "On the Wings of A Dove"...and, before our eyes, the cast and audience became one single moving though a sea anemone swaying in the ocean currents. It was cool.

Thank you to everyone who participated and gave so generously of their time, thank you to our sponsors, thank you for all the incredible gifts donated—and thank you to everyone who came to enjoy the show. What an amazing event! What amazing fun we had!

Your grateful Decades of Style team

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Final Stretch to Fabulous

Goodness...the days have zoomed by at freight train speed and our Decades of Style show is only 4 days away.

It was Tuesday and chaos was still evident during our final/dress rehearsal. It measured closer to a 5.2 on the Richter scale rather than 8.5 from the week before. And, even though hearts were racing, and not all the cast was there, and the piano had undergone some final lacquer work which meant it couldn't be there either—we forged boldly forward with emcee, stylists, models, singers, dancers, pianist, props crew, and all. Below you can see Saphire, Chalce and Molly singing their hearts to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, for the Red Carpet Party.

Then it was Wednesday and Thursday and the mad dash was on, in every direction. The Hi-Def video clip was in final editing stages with Mark Donohue and Carina Camamile selecting music beds, adding title cards, and Mark (below) later finished a Chiari People logo animation.

In the meantime, additional gift donations arrived on our doorstep, such as several amazing sports collectibles from Jeff Maguire that included a bright red boxing glove signed by Oscar De La Hoya himself and a football autographed by Peyton Manning; and, from the Hilton, we received weekend getaways for several of the Hilton hotels around Montana; beautifully framed photos from Beck Hample and so on. The kindness of Billings' individuals and businesses definitely brought us that warm fuzzy feeling.

thank you so much, from the DoS team

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Fun!

Eleven Days To Go
Well...we had our first rehearsal Tuesday night. It was chaotic, fun, mad, crazy, and successful. The first rehearsal is almost always just like that—so we're right on target. Everyone is working hard to give our Decades of Style show it's own set of 'shapely legs'. HOT TIP: Watch for Ryan's performance of "To the Moon and Back" and A'Lona's catwalk strut, she knows how to flick an attitude with that hip, oh! and don't miss Nick do his sexy impersonation of a lounge lizard on a park bench. Did we mention he has a skateboard, too?

Incredible Generosity
Billings has shown us its big-hearted style and many businesses have donated a bounty of gifts and prizes. As a result we're pleased to announce the addition of a LIVE AUCTION. Here are just a few things on the Decades of Style auction block:
* A sparkling got-to-have-them pair of diamond earrings donated by Greenleaf's Jewelry.
* An exquisite bottle of A.O.C Rose created as a result of collaboration between designer, visionnaire, Christian Audigier and the legendary Montpeyroux Estates. The artwork on the bottle alone has a cool factor of +100, let alone the citrus fruit and hint of white peaches you'll taste in the rose donated by Simply Wine.
* A girl's 'Hello Kitty' fender guitar. Yes, it's a pink fender—every young would-be-pop-princess’s dream. Nichole, one of A Head of Our Time's excellent stylists is checking it out...Donated by Hansen's Music.
* An overnight stay at the Beartooth River Ranch with a captivating mountain or shimmering river view and delicious breakfast, donated by

from your style lovin' DoS Team

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Can You Expect at the Show?

Imagine this
5 teams of stylists, 1 emcee, 3 dance teams, 1 pianist, 3 singers, a combo of striking vintage costumes as well as costumes from a more recent yesteryear, a large portion of extra cool music, a catwalk, a little set dressing....are you feelin' it yet? Well, take a double-measure of the above and mix it into 5 creative—and evocative—scenes. Scene 1: 1920-30-40's, Scene 2: 1950-60's, Scene 3: 1970-80's; Scene 4: 1990 to Now, Scene 5: A Future Vision. If you have half as much fun at the show as we've had putting it together, then you're in for one f-i-n-e experience.

Only A Few Left
The Red Carpet Party tickets have been selling like hot cakes. If you're still interested in going to the party call 406.652.7895 soon! BUT don't worry if you're too late, we do still have tickets available for the Decades of Style show only.

Can't wait to see you...from your DoS Team.

Friday, May 15, 2009


What's been happening with our Decades of Style team this week?

Molly has been singing and rehearsing with our pianist, Carolyn, for the Red Carpet Party. Turns out they actually know each other--Billings really is a small world. Earlier in the week we had a trip to Sherry, at Montana Vintage Clothing, and she decked Molly out in a beautiful 1920's flapper costume...."Oh, dahling". Did you know multi-talented Molly is also one of the stylists at A Head of Our Time?

Arica was busy with Lisa, dance instructor/owner of Diversity Dance Studio and a crew of her dancers, plus Dan and Ali. They too were rehearsing and strutting their dance stuff...move over John Travolta. Arica, salon manager at A Head of Our Time, is also another outstanding stylist. How many heads of hair will she be doing for the show? Lots!!

Stay tuned for more news....from your DoS (yep, Decades of Style) Team

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Counting Down...22 Days to Showtime!

A New Sponsor
How exciting, Steve Darnell is our newest event sponsor with a waaaay cool car, the Rat Rod. Even more fun, it will be at Bones on May 30 and we'll be raffling off a neighborhood excursion with Steve in his one-of-a-kind rat mobile...woo hoo! Here's the extra-unusual ride outside A Head of Our Time, with Steve (car designer/creator), Reba (fab stylist) and Carol (owner, A Head of Our Time).
Be sure to get to the event early for Rat Rod raffle tickets.

A Force of Nature
Earlier this week, we spent an evening with a diverse and exceptional group of people. They get together once a month, led by Julie Carter, and range anywhere from 10 yrs to over 50 yrs. The Chiari People of Billings support group is a force to be reckoned with--a force of nature that includes both mountains of sheer determination and a wide blue sea of compassion, with a heaven-load of bravery. Although Julie and Chiari People of Montana has come a long way over the past few years, it is very clear that the road ahead is still a long and arduous one.

Chiari Malformation is considered rare, yet it is not. If the condition was truly rare there would be perhaps 5 - 6 reported cases in all of Montana. Look at the partial map below and see the cluster of pins, it's shocking. We hope a gazillion people come to the Decades of Style event and help raise much needed funds, funds to effect critical change and education in the diagnosis and treatment of Chiari Malformation and related diseases.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Only One Month to the Show—May 30

The activity is heating up—more meetings, more preparation, more things to do to make our show great! Here are some recent highlights:

* NEW Emcee
Jason Harris will be bringing his own humor and charm to the Decades of Style Show and the Red Carpet Party. Jason, also known as Big-J on his infamous 101.9 morning radio show, is a great addition and we're thrilled to have him join the show.

* Talented stylists rehearse
Reba, Tarin, Sarah and Carol worked with Olivia to create a sophisticated 1920's finger wave hairstyle. However, Olivia's natural extra tight curl provided a wave-shaping challenge, yet with stylish efforts—she looked fabulous. Then we added some colorful, non-1920's feathers! What a blast.

* Wardrobe Check
Julie Carter's two beautiful daughters are starring AND singing in the show so we needed cool, authentic 1940's clothes. Patsy, an old buddy of Julie's has an extraordinary collection of period clothes. According to Patsy it's only a small fraction of what she used to have, and they found just the look they needed, fur stole and all. Sapphire and Louie both looked gorgeous—you'll have to wait and see.

* Fantastic Event Hosts
The crew at Bones are busy making preparations for the show...catwalk, lighting, seating, party preparations. Oh, should we tell you what special cocktails you can look forward to for the Red Carpet Party?'ll have to wait for that too! Actually, we don't know yet either. Kevin, Manager at Bones, just had a baby boy. CONGRATULATIONS to him and his family. In the meantime, we could tell you what mouthwatering cocktail is being created for the Decades of Style show audience...hmm...perhaps tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more Decades of Style show news,
from your Style Team.